• EN.560.202     Dynamics (Undergraduate)

Basic principles of classical mechanics applied to the motion of particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies. Kinematics: analytical description of motion; rectilinear motions of particles; rigid body motion. Kinetics: force, mass, and acceleration; energy and momentum principles. Dynamics of single and multi degree-of-freedom systems, under free vibration, harmonic excitation, and arbitrary (e.g., earthquake) accelerations. Includes laboratory experience.

  • EN 560.604     Solid Mechanics for Structures (Graduate)

Basic principles of solid mechanics; Stress analysis and equilibrium; Kinematics of deformations and the strain tensor; Properties of anisotropic, orthotropic and isotropic materials; formulation of Boundary Value Problems in 3D elasticity; Solutions of BVP: plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric; Airy stress function; St. Venant problems: extension, bending, and torsion; Thermoelasticity; Beam bending; Beams on elastic foundation; Energy methods; Elastic stability

  • EN 560.762    Mechanics of Architected Materials (Graduate)

Introduction to Architected Materials; Tessellations and Minimal Surfaces; Elastic Properties; Micromechanics and Homogenization; Wave Propagation; Phononics/Metamaterials; Nonlinear Mechanics; Stability of Cellular Solids; Impact-induced Shocks; Natural architected materials; Nanostructured Materials

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